SBR Project Plan

Testing alternate Web Browsers for the Raspberry Pi project

For this project, I will be looking at a number of different open source web browsers. My focus will mainly be on browsers that are light weight and efficient. I will first try these web browsers in a regular installation of fedora just to get a feel of how they operate and making note of their similarities and deferences.

To test these the browsers, I will create a number of VMs with minimum system resources. This will allow me to hopefully simulate the Raspberry Pi environment.

I will try and contact the development community for each browser and obtain their opinions as well as assistance. I have already looked at some of the packages that are available for some of the browsers. With the help of their receptive community, I am hoping to build and tune some of these browsers for the arm architecture.

I will also be working closely with other students who are working on optimizing the Raspberry Pi project, since I will be comparing the performance of these open source browsers to Firefox.

Here are some possible open source Web Browsers that I will be looking at:








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